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Additional Extension Features

More powerful additional extension features to grow your business!
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Brand Mobile APP
Add-ons purchase available with subscription to specific plans

Shopper App

Use Shopper App to enhance customer engagement and foster loyalty, allowing your customers to shop anytime, anywhere simply by opening the app on their smartphones.

  • 24/7 Mobile Store
  • Digital Membership Card
  • Offline Code Scanning
  • App Push Notifications
  • Drag-and-Drop App Interface Design
  • App Download Rewards

Add-ons purchase available with subscription to specific plans


Allowing customers to make a single checkout for purchasing products with different delivery methods/attributes, with the backend automatically handling the operational processes.

  • Checkout At Once For Products With Different Delivery Methods
  • Enjoy Store-wide Discount Offers
  • Independent Calculation Of Shipping Fees For Each Sub-cart
  • Automatic Order Splitting Based On Product Attributes

Advanced Live Commerce
Add-ons purchase available with subscription to specific plans

CRM - Credits

Offer your customers an immersive live shopping experience on your official website, allowing them to watch live and make purchases simultaneously.

  • Official Website Live Streaming
  • Live Stream Replays
  • Multistreaming Management
  • Facebook Live Poll

Combine Orders
Add-ons purchase available with subscription to specific plans

Combine Orders

Merchants can combine multiple orders into a single shipment based on the shipping mode, helping customers save on shipping fees and providing a better consumer experience.

  • Unlimited Usage
  • Combine Records
  • Smart Matching Feature
  • Auto Calculate Combined Order Total Amount

Smart OMO Guided Shopping Tool (Advanced)
Include Smart OMO Guided Shopping Tool (Basic) Functions

Smart OMO Guided Shopping Tool (Advanced)

More advanced Smart OMO functions to drive sales by

  • Recommended Product Links
  • Integrating Online & Offline Sales for Store Staff
  • Online and Offline Discount Coupon Sync
  • Member Points / Store Credits Redeem To Cash
  • Attribute Online Store Sales Performance to Customer's Store Referrals

Product Subscription
Add-ons purchase available with subscription to specific plans

Product Subscription

Offering consumers a regular subscription service for purchasing goods can attract customers to make frequent purchases and cultivate loyal customers for your brand!

  • Support Regular Purchases
  • Provide 8 Regular Purchase Cycles Choices
  • Maximum Number Of Subscription Periods
  • Advanced Subscription Promotions
  • Subscription Upcoming Orders/ Unsubscribe Notifications

Advanced Pre-Order

Advanced Pre-Order

Set a maximum pre-order quantity for products, and stop accepting orders once the available pre-order quantity reaches the limit, in order to prevent overselling.

  • Pre-order Limit
  • Pre-order Reminder In Shopping Cart
  • Pre-order Reminder In Order Details
  • CTA Button Display Based on Product's Inventory

Reward and CRM Management

Reward and CRM Management

Capture/Connect all customers from online to offline by CRM campaigns to increase engagement rate and retain their loyalty!

  • Store Credits (Welcome / Birthday /Purchase)
  • Points-to-Cash Redemption
  • Points-to-Gift Redemption
  • POS Checkout with Credits / Points
  • Credits / Points Usage Threshold
  • Product Review Reward



The exclusive RFIM segmentation model to automatically generate customer list. Coupled with the Broadcast Center and automated messaging features, this helps closely engage with customers and drive up the repeat purchase rate.

  • Broadcast Center (Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger)
  • Broadcast Marketing Analysis
  • Back In Stock Notification
  • Wishlist
  • RFIM (Automated Customer Segmentation)



Various promotional campaigns to choose from. Enjoy the flexibility in planning your sales & marketing campaign!

  • Conditional Promotion
  • Unlimited Add-on Item / Free Gifts Promotions
  • A+B Bundle Group Pricing
  • Buy X Get Y Promotion
  • Member Referral Campaign
  • Product Bundle Pricing
  • Affiliate Campaign
  • Unlimited Promotions
  • Express Checkout Link

Advanced Membership Tiers and CRM System

Advanced Membership Tiers and CRM System

Create your own membership tactics with customized tiering and tags for different segments.

  • Membership Tiers (Up to 5 Levels)
  • Member Price by Tiers
  • Birthday Credit by Tiers
  • Purchase Reward Credits by Tiers
  • Tiered Membership Points System
  • Membership Upgrade Reminder

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QR Code O2O Redemption
Add-ons purchase available with subscription to specific plans

QR Code O2O Redemption

Store staff no longer need to worry about searching for orders and can provide customers with a convenient pickup experience.

  • Online Puchase, Offline QR Code Redeem
  • Support Multi-redeem Points
  • Auto QR Code Generation
  • Support iPad
  • Auto Email Notification
  • Support Partial Redemption

SmartPush Automated Email Marketing

SmartPush Automated Email Marketing

Professional and digital services by utilizing multiple digital marketing channels (such as EDM and SMS) and integrating SHOPLINE's extensive data to boost sales.

  • AI Content Generation
  • Personalised Email
  • AI Sending Time Assistant
  • Online-Offline Performance Analysis
  • Email Automation
  • Email Template Library

Advanced Multi-store Setup
Add-ons purchase available with subscription to specific plans

Shoplytics (Pro)

Based on the marketing strategies for each store location, set exclusive store promotions and product prices on a store-by-store basis

  • Different Promotions For Different Stores
  • Different Product Prices For Different Stores (Coming Soon)



Grow your business with more Marketing, Operational and Customized modules

  • Front End Layout Engine Access
  • Customised Email Sender
  • API Access
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Storefront Available in Multiple Languages

Stock Allocation and Split Order
Add-ons purchase available with subscription to specific plans

Stock Allocation and Split Order

Automatically allocate inventory for staggered delivery, splitting and allocating orders based on order date to expedite shipping and reduce warehouse stock.

  • Unlimited Usage
  • Bulk Order Splitting
  • Flexible Quantity Settings
  • Support Activity Logs
  • Auto Allocate From Old Order

Smart OMO Guided Shopping Tool (Basic)

Smart OMO Guided Shopping Tool (Basic)

Integrate online shopping and offline service to review member's spending and orders

  • Easy Member Registration
  • Bind Store Referral
  • Reviewing Member's Order
  • Performance Overview: Store and Staff
  • Review Member's Spending in Store
  • Reviewing Member's Spending
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