Professional Consultancy Team

Your Strongest Backup

It is definitely not easy to start an online store because of the complicated procedures such as web-site construction, online operation as well as cross-border retailing settings. Despite putting in a great deal of manpower or resources, the ideal effectiveness may not be guaranteed. What you need is a professional consultancy team! We will be with you starting from the consultation and evaluation in the initial stage to process setting and the follow-up internal training. Immediate assistance will be provided so as to help you save time on the preparatory stages and get everything ready as quickly as possible.

Step 1 Consultation Stage

The initial consultation is to help us understand your brand’s needs and operation.

  • In-depth Interview
    We can understand your brand’s culture, internal operational framework, flow and core goals through a face-to-face interview.
  • Internal and External Analysis
    We comprehensively analyze products, the industry and market information so as to clarify key points and competitive advantages.
  • System Analysis
    We seek the most suitable solution, plan execution and manpower allocation after understanding your requirement.
  • Formulating a Work-flow
    Follow-up plans with details after the final decision will be done.

Step 2 Online-store Procedures

We will start assisting to execute the plans to work with your online-store after reaching a consensus on the marketing direction.

We help to establish strategies such as operational directions, marketing plans and omni-channel plans to ensure the goals can be achieved.
Resource Sharing
We provide a resource based on a brand’s needs. Such as store design, payment/logistics services local payment and logistic and bilingual support.
Data Transfer
We provide professional technical support for integration services and document support in order to reduce the impact in the transitional period.
Activate Process
We provide the resources and coordinates communication among different parties for you to ensure every stage can be run smoothly.

Step 3 Post-online Operation

Meeting GMV target is our greatest mission. Therefore, we provide a wide range of professional analysis and suggestions for optimization to raise internal awareness and technical level of an enterprise.

  • Internal training
    We provide a series of online and offline learning resources including basic ideas and operation of systems, e-Commerce and operational analysis etc.
  • Brand Optimization
    We monitor brands performance periodically, plan for the resources and look into the market to providing constructive advice and directions for gradual optimization
  • Win-win Partnership
    We hope to know more our clients’ needs through regular meetings and strive for changes and surely a long-term partner for enterprises.
  • GMV-oriented
    Our clients’ success means our success. Therefore, our mission is to assist our clients’ brands to grow and our ultimate goal is to increase their brands’ revenue.

Professional Consultancy Team

「 Amongst different steps in online shopping, SHOPLINE serves as that particular line which links up a shop with their consumers.」

“Apart from solving problems concerning platform operation, we believe what our clients need is we discovering problems and providing suggestions in a proactive manner. Only by doing so can we become the strongest back-up for them.”

Merchant Success Associate

”Our success lies in our clients’ success! It is hoped that our professionalism and experience can help our clients achieve their goals and boost their brands’ performance!”

Associate Merchant Success Manager

“Running an online store requires a great deal of effort and time. We hope we could effectively reduce our clients’ labor cost and help them get started easily!“

Merchant Success Associate

“Running an online store is definitely not easy. We are here to help you solve problems of different kinds so that your brand can move forward to success online.”

Account Manager

“From the operation to marketing strategies, we help our customers solve the problems and grow together.”

e-Commerce Specialist

“We treat customers like friends and we will propose solutions when they face the difficulties are encountered.”

Merchant Success Associate

“We are willing to grow with our customers by providing effective solutions and advice execution”

Digital Marketing Specialist
"SHOPLINE provides local currency options and cross-border payment and logistic connection support. It helps us solve the difficulties when we first landed in Malaysia. Time spent on communication and figuring out the procedures is greatly reduced."

Ting, CEO of Rainbow Shop