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Enterprises should put effort in running business instead of exposing themselves only at festivals for a short while. Therefore, SHOPLINE effectively provides key information so as to assist a brand to set its strategic plans and boost its sales in the market. From the optimization of your website to traffic-driven, we offer perfect solutions which help you with your needs. Valuable visitors can therefore be obtained. Optimizing omni-channel marketing strategies can help generate more exposure for your brand and boost the effectiveness to its full.

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Analysis from our specialists

Conduct A Health Brand Check with 4 Elements

We provide a diagnosis for your website based on 4 major elements. Our examinations include store design and theme, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics and marketing tools. Moreover, We offer a wide range of customized reports, in-house analytics and marketing trackers which provide you with a comprehensive report with suggestions for improvement.

Website Structure

Store design and theme, products’ pricing, API connection and shopping mechanism ought to be examined.

User Experience

Search engine optimization (SEO), website fluidity, heatmaps and more will be supervised.

Online Marketing

Effectiveness of overall marketing strategies such as event planning and ROI etc. are to be monitored.

Share of Voice

Website performance, including keyword search, customers’ loyalty and net promoter scores are needed to be evaluated.

Being Successful in One Hit

Strengthen Event Strategies

We aim to draw effective network traffic to increase the monthly revenue and assist the brand to understand consumers’ needs and put itself in a better position. Together with the support of data, a one-hit marketing plan can therefore be created.

Furthermore, by adding in the mindset of omni-channel marketing and integration of the follow-up marketing channel and sales channel, event effectiveness can be maximized consequently.

Professional Services

SHOPLINE can lower your communication cost. Thereby, operational efficiency can be enhanced.

Strategy Planning

We think from your brand’s perspective so that we can draft and plan the best marketing strategies and increase the revenue.


We understand your brand and your product differentiation, this help to put in innovative ideas and vitality to your brand.

Visual Creativity

Our experienced store design team helps with the production of motion graphic designed banner and the webpage’s interface.

Optimization for Store’s Procedures

By analyzing data and reviewing visitors’ behavior, we help to optimize the purchase procedures and increase the ROI.

Improvement of Satisfaction and Loyalty

By optimizing your brand’s positioning and marketing channels, the best value is to be provided to your customers.

Accurate Marketing

External Marketing Tools

Accurate Marketing

External Marketing Tools

We understand brands, online stores and marketing. With our experience and insight, we make good use of a number of tools which facilitate sales performance and marketing research. It is our mission to make enterprises understand the market trend and the customers’ preferences. Only by doing so can we continue to offer suitable services and products to our clients.

After conducting the evaluation of needs and actual testing, we select the most suitable marketing tools for you to improve your customers’ experience. We aim at turning visitors to consumers and ultimately making consumers your loyal customers. Through improving relationships with the customers, we hope to raise their satisfaction and loyalty so as to make your brand successful.

Accurate Tools

Pop-up Banners
A webpage’s appeal and interaction with its audience can be increased by functions such as collecting customer lists, subscription to e-newsletters, event promotions, sending out Coupon and member sign-up etc.
Through customized and creative interaction with the customers, together with automatic replies to messages and personalized marketing, potential customers can be obtained and the customers’ experience can be greatly improved.
Email Direct Marketing
EDM serves as a common re-marketing means. It is conducive to the market segment. Hence, it can be used to maintain and develop relationships with the customers.
Instant Customer Service
Based on a brand’s or its customers’ habits, installing Facebook or instant customer service software can effectively retain customers and encourage them to visit again.

Boost Your Sales

Super-star Media Delivery Service

SHOPLINE as a Google Partner which has been assisting over 1500 brands to deliver their advertisements by showing shopping ads, keywords, affiliate network display ads etc. Meanwhile, SHOPLINE can also act as an agency which delivers advertisements for all your products through Google.

Based on a brand’s characteristics and targets, we set appropriate ads plans and budget proposals. With the help from our professional team, advertising delivery can be optimized, making it in line with the brand’s needs and flexibly adjusting the delivery plan. Complex and high communication costs can therefore be saved. More accurate network traffic can be introduced to the brand. It allows the brand to get full access to every potential consumer. As a result, better efficiency and more benefits can be obtained.

"There are abundant promotional events. The interface is also smooth and pleasing to the eye. What’s more, it supports language switching and currency exchange, which is highly recommended for overseas market management."

Ting, CEO of RAINBOW Shop