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Want to know more about such information as how SHOPLINE ENTERPRISE tailor-makes your business plan or how cross-border business is done? You can find all you need below or contact us alternatively

One-stop Solution

Providing our customers with the shopping cart system is just the first step to assist e-commerce stores to run their business. Not only does SHOPLINE ENTERPRISE wish to facilitate the stores to build their websites, but it also hopes to help strengthen its customers’ omni-channel strategies as well as perfect the O2O sales procedures, aiming at expanding the business to different parts of the globe.

SHOPLINE ENTERPRISE is to provide large-scale B2C enterprises with one-stop omni-channel e-commerce solution. With e-commerce as the core, SHOPLINE ENTERPRISE assists different brands to set up online stores and integrates these online stores with the operational data, together with the membership management tools, of their physical stores. By doing so, an O2O model can be realized and an omni-channel retailing map can be built accordingly. Ultimately, an overseas sales expansion can be expected and an international retailing market can be built.

Our services cover seven major aspects namely e-commerce system, front-end design, omni-channel retailing, marketing campaign, strategy consultancy, technology integration as well as an advertising agency. By providing a full range of specialized products and personalized services, we aim at assisting various brands to set up and develop their business locally and expand it globally afterward.

To provide standardized online-store set-up services, SHOPLINE offers three plans namely the basic plan, the advanced plan, and the premium plan depending on various needs of our customers. As for SHOPLINE ENTERPRISE, it is a plan based on the premium plan. In addition to the e-commerce system functions, SHOPLINE ENTERPRISE allows brands to receive flexible and customized services according to their needs. During the initial stage, SHOPLINE ENTERPRISE supports its customers with content planning. After a brand goes online, SHOPLINE ENTERPRISE provides advertising delivery services and operation agency services. All these are supported by our professional consultants.

More than 250,000 e-commerce brands have set up their online stores through SHOPLINE. We have users from over 1800 cities all over the globe and we have been assisting our clients to reach more than 160 million consumers. These online stores’ trading volume has increased by more than 130%. Products of our clients include clothing, food items, boutiques, gifts, outdoor equipment and so on. Famous brands such as Fujitsu, OLYMPUS, Suntory, Bee Cheng Hiang, Durex, Emperor Entertainment Group and Studio A are all examples of our users.

Technology and Data Support

In the early days of O2O operation, it was risky to build up an IT team which was immature in-house. The personnel cost was high. Worse still, the fast-changing and complicated technical services would also lead to a great increase in the cost of maintenance, making the IT team difficult to be maintained. Facing such problems as network congestion, customer information leakage and credit card thefts, it is the key to strike a balance between the system architecture and the business. Otherwise, it may lead to customer dissatisfaction or public relations crises.

SHOPLINE provides a highly expandable system architecture that can be connected to payment and logistic systems such as ERP and CRM, depending on our clients’ needs. We provide corresponding connection and recommendation services, especially when it comes to cross-border support, to our customers regarding local services, international payment systems, warehouse services, multi-language administrative panel as well as currency exchange. These are all beneficial to the collaborative management, business development and economic efficiency optimization of cross-border brands.

Being fast, safe and stable is the most basic criterion of an e-commerce system. With the 365-day automatic monitoring service, together with the 24-hour on-call SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) team, SHOPLINE keeps tracks on your activity log and each function in milliseconds. We invest in the highest-standard system infrastructure as well as the servers that can be micro-managed so as to keep the CPU usage below 30%. Hence, we are capable of providing stable system services, ensuring the system can be well prepared in advance and avoiding the network traffic from overloading.

SHOPLINE supports a great deal of “moving” services such as entering product information, membership information, changing of address as well as labeling tracking codes etc. Moreover, we have technicians who evaluate the consistency of spacing, scheduling and so on. If your brand is thinking about transferring your online business from an old online platform to SHOPLINE, please leave your information so that we can arrange our staff to look for a suitable solution for you after understanding your needs.

Strategies Consultancy

Lack of reliable internal partners and experience of running online stores have become major challenges for many brands when they wish to set up online stores from physical ones. Therefore, they face difficulties in planning e-commerce strategies accurately. For them, “talents” are inadequate. Worst still, human resource allocation is not planned well. In a long run, they have to face shrinking commercial development space and limited prospect development. We, thereby, hope to think from the perspectives of these brands, strengthen our services so as to assist them to build a comprehensive ecosystem which can get rid of the traditional framework and strive for business excellence.

Definitely! SHOPLINE provides a professional consultancy team which assists our customers from the plan evaluation in the initial stage to the procedure placement in the mid-term. What’s more, we provide online training and strategic advice in the follow-up stages. Even after a brand has gone online, we still provide our clients with services such as official website and channel operation agency, quarterly marketing planning, Google Ads product launching, regular performance reviews, amendment strategy and so on and so forth.

For customer service, SHPOLINE’s customer planning consultants differ from ordinary customer service. We try our best to fulfill our customers’ needs by assessing the plan in the initial stage, instructing in the mid-term so that our customers can adapt to our system more easily, as well as providing post-sales service online. With our professionalism, we aim at assisting our customers, as quickly as possible, to get used to e-commerce and how it could be run. Furthermore, by providing our customers with various training, we hope to help them understand the meaning of the operational data.

More than that, our exclusive smart dashboard Shoplytics serves as the most crucial part of a brand’s strategies. It helps organize the sales trend, order records, customer composition, members’ news and also sales outcomes. What’s more, staggering and diverse consumption data can be instantly graphed as a reference so that time spent on analyzing the data can be saved.

For the plan in which SHOPLINE acts as an agency that operates an official website for its clients, we can discuss marketing strategies and provide assistance later on according to our clients’ needs. In addition, we can help our clients deliver advertisements through Google Ads, including keyword ads, network display ads, remarketing ads, YouTube video ads as well as shopping ads etc. As the sole e-commerce platform in Greater China which obtains the reputation of Google Premier Partner, we have been assisting over 1500 brands to increase effective network traffic. We are going to try all means to help our clients go further in the e-commerce business so as to acquire better exposure and traffic.

Enterprise Level Support

Omni-channel, new retailing or cross-border retailing are only secondary factors leading our users to succeed. The key to real success and making sales growth lies in the optimization of the entire shopping experience of the consumers. O2O, which enables consumers to do shopping in domestic or overseas markets, has already become the trend. It works with a great number of brands and channels so that consumers can buy things whatever which platform or channel they are using. Recourses can therefore be integrated from online to offline platform and also from domestic to overseas markets. Only by doing so can we fully utilize the advantages of omni-channel.

There are other options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Payme and bank transfer. In order to meet customers’ needs, SHOPLINE also works with FPS, which is supported by HSBC, so that they can pay in a faster and easier way.

SHOPLINE works with SF Express. Automated shipping function is provided. Users can save time spent on writing packing lists. Thereby, efficiency and service quality can be enhanced. Only three steps are needed between receiving an order and sending out a package.

In terms of payment, SHOPLINE supports international third-party payment service PayPal and is able to provide local payment service in China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Macau. For example, SHOPLINE works with the largest payment system such as Razer Merchant Services in Malaysia and DragonPay in the Philippines. As for logistics, SHOPLINE works with the allies which provide perfect cross-border services including receiving, inventory, distribution, customs declaration and returning mechanism etc.

In the foreseeable future, both online and offline markets will coexist. To put it in a simpler way, to achieve 1+1>2, integration of online and offline services is a must. Furthermore, it also depends on how a brand adapts to changes in the consumer market so as to fulfil the consumers’ needs. Benefits from both offline and online markets can be obtained as long as a brand is capable of grasping the advantages of the offline and online markets, integrating the resources of the two parties and constructing a complete system of omni-channe