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Build an established brand with our full-featured e-Commerce platform, whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned business owner, come work with us to improve your online presence. Save time and cost with this hassle-free platform and start focusing on growth.

Store set-up

SSL Security Certificate

Use your own domain or get one with SHOPLINE. Our merchants are secured with SSL and HTTPS to keep your data and your users secure, without affecting your organic search rankings. A safer and more reliable shopping experience can be obtained.

Optimize with RWD and AWD Templates

With Responsive Web Design (RWD), your website will be fully responsive to fit all screen sizes such as, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and more. Brands can also switch to Adaptive Web Design (AWD) based on their needs. Our templates are made to optimize users’ shopping experience and reduce page load time.

Access to Layout Editing

We provide more than 20 designer templates; simply drag and drop to apply changes. Also, get access to customize your store design with open HTML and CSS editing. Achieve the desired style that best suits your brand.

Smooth Mobile Shopping Experience

Get rid of all the complicated registration process and make it easy to buy from you. Automatically sign up your customers as members right after they checkout; send out automated abandoned cart email to remind customers to visit your website and finish the purchase.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Built-in SEO to optimize your whole website from product page to home page; automatically generate sitemaps to assure updates are being recorded with google, to ensure network traffic and search engine ranking maintains healthy.

Website Migrating and Data Integration

For brands that are considering moving to SHOPLINE, our system supports URL, 301, and redirect during migration. Our services also include data integration, such as product import, inventory and member list transfer, and more, to ensure minimum disruption.

Operational Management

Operational Management

Commodity and Inventory Management

Products can be uploaded manually or via Excel/CVS. Users can setup price, inventory list, product categorization, and more. With the display of inventory quantity, SKU number, and reminders of low quantity items, will allow merchants to manage their inventories more easily.

IP Lock to Ensure System Security

As the scale grows larger for a brand, the security of its data also becomes prominently important. Admins with the highest authority could set up a specific IP address for the store to regulate to login time and login location of other authorized users. Employees can only login to the system with the assigned IP to ensure data security.

Order Management

With a full-featured order management system. We provide functions such as order query, order editing, split order, order remarks, generate shipping labels, invoice print out, and more, to fulfill all kinds of needs for your business. Also, we support e-invoices so consumers can have optional invoices online when they check out on their devices.

Order Assistance

For brands that provide phone orders, group buying, corporate orders, enterprise purchases or direct message orders. SHOPLINE’s order assistance will provide supports for bulk orders, single orders, and order editing to speed up the order procedures.

Shipping Status and Notification Centre

No matter changes were made manually or automatically; by one person or many people, all actions will be recorded and updated in the order information page to prevent any confusion. Both merchants and buyers can get automatic update notification through facebook chatbot, or check on order status including payment confirmation, delivery status and more on notification center.

Unlimited Admin

Based on different responsibilities of the team members, business owners can assign different levels of management authorities; record all activities from all accounts; create unlimited admin users; also, for admins that have access to more than one online store account, get quick access to each store with just one set of password to increase efficiency.

Store set-up Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis


With data visualization, merchants can get instant insight into the customer’s buying journey. Moreover, Shoplytics can compare sales activities in selected periods of time, for the purpose of personalizing marketing messages and optimizing future marketing strategies to increase sales performance both online and in-store. By providing data on web traffic, revenue, product reports, and CRM, Shoplytics can analyze and track a shop’s operations and sales performance.

Google Ads

Being a Google Partner, SHOPLINE exclusively offers “Google Shopping Ads”, including 3 new forms of Google Ads - Google Shopping Ads, Dynamic Remarketing Ads and Dynamic Search Ads. We provide real time integration with your shop’s backend, Google Merchant Centre and Google AdWords, optimising performance of your ads with AI and machine learning technology, bringing you the exact traffic you want!

Google Analytics

Through the integration with Google Analytics e-commerce, users can monitor their revenue, conversion rate, number of transactions, order number, and value. Allowing businesses to adjust factors at different shopping stages in GA, to receive detailed analysis based on their needs.

UTM Tracking

Being able to track what leads each visitor to your website is definitely one of the keys to a successful e-commerce business. As long as the visitors come to your website via UTM parameters and check out within a time-frame, merchant owners can check on the traffic source of visitors on the order page, to understand the customer touchpoint between the online store and visitors.

Operational Management Omni-channel Marketing

Omni-channel Marketing

Subscription Product

We provide merchants with the opportunity to adopt subscription-based model into their businesses. With the choice of periodic delivery service ranging from 30 to 90 days, which is suitable for products that needs to be purchased regularly such as skincare and healthcare products, which solved the pain point of running out of the needed products when in need and could increase the consumers’ retention rate.

Social Media Integration

Besides the official website, SHOPLINE offers one-click integration to Facebook Shop and Instagram. Upload your products on social media in a breeze. Get more exposure and reach more customers on social media channels.

Multiple Discount Layers and Modules

Stay festive with SHOPLINE’s discount tools, from free shipping, shopping reward, add-on items, sign-up gifts, coupons and more, set all kinds of promotional discounts in the admin-panel to attract sales and build customer relationship.

Online Platform Integration

SHOPLINE provides easy integration to Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, native ads at SHOPLINE’s admin panel. In addition, merchants can plugin Google Tag Manager extensions and tools on brand website.

Technical Support for Online Events

For online promotional events like KOL live broadcasts, group buying, Youtuber sponsored videos. SHOPLINE provides technical support to monitor network traffic and helps handle high traffic loading. In addition, technicians and customer service staff will be on call at any time to help you grasp the chance of getting brand exposure and taking larger orders.

Express Checkout Page

One page shopping will allow users to complete the checkout without spending time moving to a separate checkout page. With SHOPLINE, merchants can display all products on one page in gorgeous styles, speed up the purchase process, and reduce abandoned cart.

Send Order Notification On All Channels

From order confirmation to delivery status, the whole series of a customer’s order status can be sent via SMS, facebook chatbot, and email to keep them up to date. These are perfect opportunities for merchants to send out promotional news while updating order status.

Performance Analysis Customer Relations

Customer Relations

Membership Data Management

Having customer information is one of the keys to a successful omnichannel retail. Besides member data import, export, edit and manage. With SHOPLINE, merchants can do customer segmentation and assign membership tiers to send out personalized promotional message based on shopping behaviors or special occasions.

Facebook Instant Login

Buyers can choose to login instantly by using their existing Facebook account, which saves the time of entering email and password to speed up the check out process. And it’s also beneficial for merchants to collect facebook remarketing list.

Broadcast Center

Through Broadcast Center, merchants can send automated messages to members via Facebook Messenger, email, and SMS. Also, the Broadcast Center allows you to sort customers by membership tier and send out customized promotional messages accordingly to attract sales and web traffic.

Member Discount

Set membership exclusive discounts for your members, once they logged in as members, the price would adjust. This is great for engaging with members and could also encourage customers to register a membership.

Omni-channel Marketing Data and Information Security

Data and Information Security

Data and Information Security

Bank-level system architecture & Information Security Adopting top-level DNS high-performance system and world-class AWS cloud hosting service, SHOPLINE provides high-secured system architecture. With the layered defense, our system is able to process a large amount of network traffic, ensure data security, defence attack by DDoS, and safeguard your website at all times.

System Vulnerability Management

Apart from routine system detection for vulnerabilities, our data security team also carries risk analysis, maintenance, updates and irregular programme test for your system depending on your needs. This allows a company to figure out how and when a network can be exploited or threatened.

Unlimited Data and Network Traffic

All pages can enjoy unlimited data and network traffic. While online activities such as live streaming or group buying are being carried out, the system can handle the traffic loading and maintain website stability. Stop worrying about lags or breakdowns, we’re ready for you.

24-hour Cloud Surveillance System

Together with our experienced system maintenance team, we’re here to make sure your website is running effectively and smoothly. Our automated IP and malware defender can protect your system from all forms of web attack, to protect brand image and business data.

Customer Relations Payment Gateways and Logistics Integration

Payment Gateways and Logistics Integration

Support Multi-payment Integration

Let your buyers check out with Credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Payme, Razer Merchant Services, FPS, ATM wire transfer, cash on delivery and more. In addition, our shops accept credit card transactions from over 100 banks both locally and globally. All payment gateways are integrated with SHOPLINE to satisfy customer needs.

Sent and Receive Packages More Easily

SHOPLINE has partnered with Hong Kong’s major courier services such as SF Express to take care of your logistics process. Which greatly reduces time and labor cost for your business and inventory management has never been easier with SHOPLINE. With SF Plus delivery service, merchants can generate shipping receipts easily to reduce human error and speed up the delivery process.

Data and Information Security Omni-channel Integration

Omni-channel Integration

O2O Instant Registration / Log in

Integrating member data from both online and offline channels is one of the keys to future retailing. All channels can leverage the membership tier system to encourage customers register as members. Thus, membership management could be done easily for merchants, while members can earn and redeem store credits when they shop, and receive promotional messages from your brand.

Instagram Shopping

According to Facebook, over 90 million Instagram users have clicked on a shopping ad before. Through Facebook’s plugin, merchants can tag their products on instagram shopping, and start selling instantly, to bridge up the link between online brandstore and social media channels easily.

API Access

SHOPLINE supports open API connection to access membership management, inventory and product management to satisfy brand’s operational needs. Also, open API allows business agility, brands can seize emerging opportunities more quickly with flexible interfaces to the outside world and enhance the value of your service.

Facebook Plugins

Integrate all your facebook plugins with SHOPLINE, including product catalogs, Facebook SHOP, Facebook Pixel, Fan Page, Chatbot, and more. Get in front of millions of people on Facebook and sync your products easily to save up time and cost.

Payment Gateways and Logistics Integration Cross-border Support

Cross-border Support

Multi-language Support

Lower the language barriers and enhance the operational efficiency of your cross-border business with SHOPLINE. As a cross-border solution, we offer more than 10 languages for your website so your brand can run internationally; staff from different countries can also operate the admin-panel with the language they’re familiar with.

International Payment and Delivery

SHOPLINE merchants accept credit card from over 100 banks across Southeast Asia cities; online and mobile payments like Razer Merchant Services, Dragonpay, PayPal and more are available internationally. Moreover, with the integration of cross-border logistic service, ACS provides product pick-up and shopping from warehouse. In places like Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia, delivery can be done fast within 2 to 4 days. Also, there is no minimum order limit. Last but not least, our team will help you with the shipping documents as well as customs declaration.


Besides supporting multiple languages for admin-panel and storefront, we also provide currency exchange so buyers can check out with more than 16 currencies based on their location to ease up the check out experience.

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