Webpage operation agency

Trying its best to become the most reliable partner of its clients, SHOPLINE provides them with system construction. Apart from that, we also offer comprehensive operation agency services including the operation of the brand’s official website, online omni-channel and cross-border retailing etc. Our excellent team has many years of practical experience and a wonderful market vision. Therefore, we can ensure a brand’s business to be expanded through various channels to different cities and countries.

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Why using an e-commerce operation agency service?

Why using an e-commerce

operation agency service?

If a brand is not familiar with the Internet or other market systems, problems such as high costs of manpower, time pressure on operation, high technical operating costs etc. will arise when it does everything itself in the beginning. Moreover, subsequent webpage operation, event planning and traffic-driven marketing may also put pressures on a brand when running the webpage or carrying out cross-border retails.

SHOPLINE constructs the omni-channel retailing map for you as a kind of support. As for running your business, SHOPLINE also provides you with professional consultancy service so as to assist your brand to seek a place in the subsequent business plan. We are also responsible for the gross merchandise volume (GMV) because our ultimate goal is to help your sales grow.

Our competitiveness

Comprehensive product combination

With the construction of e-commerce webpages as the core, we integrate payment, logistics and marketing channel to assist brands to realize an omni-channel start-off solution.

Our all-round specialists

Members from our consultancy team have all received training in Silicon Valley. They come from 5 countries and they serve over 100 international brands. With good division of labours, we provide professional services in information and technology management, data strategies, media delivery and webpage operation agency etc.

Concentration of resources, risk management

With the integration of technology, data, specialists and resources, we focus on enterprise transformation. Through our exclusive customer service, we hope to save communication time and enhance efficiency. By unified charges, it is hoped that the expenses of a brand can be effectively controlled.

Being positive, enthusiastic and customer-oriented

Hoping that we can be the most reliable and closest working partner of your brand, our belief is “SHOPLINE’s success lies in our clients’ success”. Therefore, we assist our clients to improve their brand and retailing ecology with a positive and enthusiastic attitude so that a win-win situation can be achieved.

Let SHOPLINE do it for you!

Our services:

Website maintenance

  • Putting products on the market and discontinuing products
  • Webpage information management
  • Promotional events management
  • Order tracking and amendments
  • Solving problems for clients
  • Third-party tool connection

Official website examinations

  • Product pricing analysis
  • Webpage design analysis
  • Activity effectiveness analysis
  • On-site network traffic analysis
  • On-site keyword ranking
  • Market response analysis
  • Competitor research

Marketing consultancy service

  • Webpage optimization advice
  • Promotion suggestion
  • Monitoring traffic-driven effectiveness
  • Regular analytic reports for your webpage
  • Visitor path analysis
  • Visitor conversion analysis

Value-added service

  • Enterprise internal training plan
  • Google Ads product launching
  • SEO tools agent consultancy
  • Webpage design optimization
  • Photography and design services referral
  • International logistic providers referral
  • Plan translation service
"SHOPLINE provides local currency options and cross-border payment and logistic connection support. It helps us solve the difficulties when we first landed in Malaysia. Time spent on communication and figuring out the procedures is greatly reduced."

SHU, CEO of LifeWareHouse