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The operation interface of SHOPLINE is simple, customers can order our products through SHOPLINE with designated delivery date after returning to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, we are able to reach new customers and increase the exposure of our brand since we joined Google Ads Plan last year.

Tailor-made Service

Cross-border: Logistics Services between Hong Kong and Taiwan
Digital Marketing: Google Ads Plan

We started working with SHOPLINE due to the recommendations from other brands. SHOPLINE provides fast and smooth loading speed for our website. Consultation service is also available when we meet any technical problems while operating the website. Moreover, bilingual support and multi-currency can be switched on the online store, which is very helpful to the overseas market operation and management. A significant increase in customers from Hong Kong and Macau by around 30%-40% can be witnessed after joining SHOPLINE.

Tailor-made Service

Cross-border: Bilingual support and multi-currency
Digital Marketing: Google Ads Plan