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SHOPLINE provides all-in-one solutions with flexible features for your business.
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Best for New eCommerce Businesses

HKD499/ month (Annual Plan)
  • Annual Plan: HKD 5,988/ year
  • 0.5% GMV system fee per month
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  • Basic set of eCommerce functions
  • 1,000 products
  • Add-on Items / Free Gifts (10 pcs each)
  • Payment and Logistics Services
  • Basic CRM system


Best for growing businesses

HKD1,234/ month (Annual Plan)
  • Annual Plan: HKD 14,799/ year
  • 0.5% GMV system fee per month
    (Enable selected SHOPLINE services to have the GMV system fee waived)
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  • Advanced Management functions (Unlimited Product Upload and Inventory Management)
  • Advanced CRM system
  • Advanced Promotions functions
  • Advanced Store Management Tools
  • Shoplytics (Pro)

Social Pro

Best for Social Commerce businesses

HKD1,666/ month (Annual Plan)
  • Annual Plan: HKD 19,988/ year
  • 0.5% GMV system fee per month
    (Enable selected SHOPLINE services to have the GMV system fee waived)
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  • Advanced eCommerce & Social Commerce functions
  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Message Center (Online Store, FB, IG, WhatsApp)
  • Smart Reply Suggestions
  • Facebook / Instagram Livestream Shopping Tool

All-in-one OMO

Best for Businesses Selling Online & In-store

HKD2,249/ month (Annual Plan)
  • Annual Plan: HKD 26,988/ year
  • 0.5% GMV system fee per month
    (Enable selected SHOPLINE services to have the GMV system fee waived)
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  • Advanced eCommerce & Retail business functions
  • Re-engagement Module
  • Message Center (Online Store, FB, IG, WhatsApp)
  • RFIM CRM Functions
  • Online & Offline Member Points Integration
HKD499 / month(Annual Plan)
HKD1,234 / month(Annual Plan)
Social Pro
HKD1,666 / month(Annual Plan)
All-in-one OMO
HKD2,249 / month(Annual Plan)

Creating Your Online Store

Custom Domain
Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Express Checkout Page
Shop Design Themes
Recommend Themes and Layouts by Types of Industries
Instant Add to Cart
Form Builder
CSS Editing
Multi-Currency Display
SHOPLINE Page Builder

Product Inventory Management

Inventory Management
Out-of-Stock Reminders
Product Search & Review
Add-on Items / Free Gifts
Up to 10
Accept Orders When Out of Stock [Coming Soon]
Bulk Upload Products
Import Products through Instagram


PayMe for Business
WeChat Pay [ Coming Soon ]
Faster Payment System (FPS)
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Bank Transfer
Visa、Master、Union Pay

Payment Function

Cash on Delivery
Customise Minimum Checkout Amount
Bind Credit Cards
Credit Cards Offer


SF Express
SF Express Auto Delivery
Kerry Logistics
HAVI Frozen Delivery
Alfred Smart Locker
ZTO Express
Hongkong Post
Custom Delivery Options

Order & Operation Management

Splitting Order
Order Report & UTM Tracking
Create Order in Admin
Return or Cancel Order
Return Order Management
Abandoned Cart Email
Order update notification via Facebook Messenger
Admin Accounts
Up to 5
Up to 5
Up to 5
Email / Mobile Verification for Sign Up
Two-factor Authentication for Admin
Admin App
SMS Notification
Specified Delivery Date and Timeslot
WhatsApp Order Status Notification

Customer Relationship Management (CRM System)

Customer Tags and Remarks
Customer Data Management (Profile Import and Export)
Email / Mobile / Facebook Sign Up and Login
Customer Group Management

Multi-channel eCommerce

Facebook Business Extension
Instagram Shopping
WhatsApp Business API Integration

Advanced Features

Social Commerce

Message Center (Online Store, FB, IG, WhatsApp)
WhatsApp Business API Order Status Notification
WhatsApp Business API Broadcast
Facebook/ Instagram/ WhatsApp Chat Commerce
Facebook / Instagram Livestream Shopping Tool
Comment "+1" to add product to Cart
Facebook Group Livestream Shopping Tool
Mobile App for LIVE Streaming


Smart Checkout system
SHOPLINE Payments POS Terminal
Additional purchase
BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store)
Online & Offline Data Integration
Quick Membership Sign Up
Online & Offline Member Points/Store Credits Integration
Multiple Stores & Inventory Management
Real-time Inventory Sync
Retail Store Exclusive Price
Auto Barcodes Generator
Daily Sales Performance Overview
Staff Performance Review and Management
Managing POS Admin Access
Online & Offline Inventory Allocation [ Coming Soon ]

Advanced Modules

CRM - Membership

Membership Tiers
Up to 5
Exclusive Price for Members
Member Price by Tiers
Birthday Credit by Tiers
Purchase Reward Credits by Tiers
Point-earning rule by Tiers
Membership Upgrade Reminder

CRM - Credits

Store Credits
Membership Rewards Credit (Welcome / Birthday / Purchase Bonus Store Credits)
Membership Rewards Points and Gift Redemption
Credit Setting Logs
Customised condition for applying credits
Auto / Manual Return Credits
POS Checkout with Credit / Member Point Redeem To Cash
Reward Store Credits [ Coming Soon ]
Product Review Reward

Smart OMO Guided Shopping Tool (Basic)
All-in-one plan includes SHOPLINE Payment POS Terminal and Smart Checkout System OR Smart OMO Tool (Basic).

Easy Member Registration
Bind Store Referral
Record Member's Spending in Store
Reviewing Member's Spending
Reviewing Member's Order
Performance Overview: Store and Staff

Promotions & Discounts

Member Referral Campaign
Affiliate Campaign
Product Bundle Pricing
A+B Bundle Group Pricing
Conditional Promotion
Up to 100
Shopping Cart Add-on Item
Unlimited Add-on Item Promotions
Up to 10
Unlimited Free Gifts Promotions
Up to 10
Express Checkout Link
Promotion Page
Up to 100
Buy X Get Y Promotion

Advanced Management Tools

Hidden Products & Pages
Unlimited Products
Up to 1,000
Product Variants
Up to 100
Up to 400
Up to 400
Up to 400
Unlimited Express Checkout Pages
Up to 10
Image Gallery
Up to 30,000
Up to 100,000 images
Up to 100,000 images
Up to 100,000 images
Preset Product Publish Date
Preset Product Available Time
Unlimited Menu Navigation
Customised Order Tag
Store Pick-Up Option
Buy Online, Pickup In Store
Product Set [ Coming Soon ]

Shoplytics Pro

WTD, MTD & Custom Report Timeline
Product Overview / Sales & Repurchase Analysis
Order Overview
Shopper Analysis / Advanced Customer Analysis
Customer Conversion / Shopping Cart / Shop Search Analysis
Sales & Promotion Analysis
Sales Overview / Sales & Payment Details
Retail Store & Staff Performance Analysis
Product Growth Explorer [ Coming Soon ]

Automation & Retargeting

Broadcast Center (Email, SMS, Facebook messages)
Broadcast Center Analysis
Back In Stock Notification
Smart RFIM Grouping

Other Extensions

Order Status Automation App [ Coming Soon ]
Combine Orders [ Coming Soon ]
Multi-Attribute Products Order Checkout [ Coming Soon ]

Advanced Admin Management

Unlimited Admin Accounts
Up to 5
Up to 5
Up to 5
Manage Login IP

All plans include standard features

SEO-friendly eCommerce Site

Headings Tag and Alt Tag options are supported for merchants to get higher ranking and visibility, structure data will automatically generated for all the store using SHOPLINE too.

SSL Certificate & 301 Redirect

To keep your store trustworthy and secure, all SHOPLINE stores are protected with SSL certificates. 301 URL redirection will also be provided.

Shoplytics Data Analytics (Lite)

Shoplytics generates multi-faceted analytics including Sales Overview, Product Inventory, Customer, Store Traffic and Promotion Overview, to let you understand the whole picture in just a glance.

Digital Ads

For boosting brand awareness and conversions, SHOPLINE certified professionals can help you set up and manage your Facebook and Google Ads.

Marketing Tools

We have already integrated numerous Marketing Tools for you, such as Facebook Pixel, Google / Bing / Yahoo ads Tracking, GTM and Google Analytics.

Multi-currency & Multi-language

Supporting merchants to go global, SHOPLINE provides 18 currencies and multiple languages on your storefront to help you provide international customers to shop!


Can I start a free trial?

Yes! We have a 14-day free trial for you to experience our powerful tools and modules. During this period, all features are available to use except:
1. Custom domain,
2. External payment and logistics vendors, and
3. Any customised modules
For the Retail POS plan, as it can only be used with hardware, please contact us for more details.

Which plan should I choose?

You can pick a plan based on your sales channel. For online sellers, for example, we recommend using the “eCommerce Pro” package. Talk to our consultant to know what plan best fits your needs!

How to upgrade my plan after trial?

SHOPLINE You may check the details of each plan in the admin panel and then pay directly to upgrade before your trial expires. You may also contact our e-Commerce consultant for assistance.

Is SHOPLINE right for me? How should I start?

SHOPLINE is committed to provide a quick-to-start DIY online shop platform service, tools include order and inventory management, online payment, integrated logistics options, and various marketing tools. Whether you are online merchants, startups, social community sellers or corporates, get your products ready and click Start Trial to begin your exciting journey with us!


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Tailor-made solution for businesses to transform into smart omnichannel retailing. Our professional consultant team is your strongest backup to develop strategies to the exact needs of your business and customers.

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