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Manage your retail store with the all-in-one iPad POS system

SHOPLINE POS system streamlines every in-store operations including checkout process, stock management, membership sign-ups, and even staff attendance !

Fast and easy Cloud base POS

  • Fast and easy Cloud base POS
  • Inventory Management
  • Membership Management
  • Product Barcodes
  • Multiple Stores
  • Reports and Insights
  • Operations Management
  • Omni-Channel Integrated Solutions

Fast and easy Cloud base POS

Made for the retail industry, fast to use and easy to pick up without hassle.

Fast and easy Cloud base POS
  • Smart Checkout system

    Easily sell in store with various discount logic, partial payments, pre-order payments, product return, SHOPLINE POS also allows you to store membership data such as spending and order history for a fully synced customer profile.

  • Intuitive design

    Intuitive design that is easy to use for anyone - from owners to cashiers!

  • Express checkout

    From searching products, applying discounts and printing receipts to checking transaction records – all of the above can be carried out on iPad in just a minute.

  • Intelligent book-keeping

    Have a firm grasp of your capital position, such as daily revenue, members credits, orders and inventory level, return and exchange requests from customers – all are recorded in the system accordingly.

  • Split payments

    Let your customers choose how they pay you. Splitting payment types, or accepting payments from multiple parties are easy.

  • Invoice and Receipt

Both e-invoice and receipt are available with SHOPLINE POS. Reprinting invoice or receipt is just one click away, in the case of customer return or exchange.

  • Flexible discount promotions

    Add discounts that will apply to all the items in a customer’s basket or to specific items only, or have an overall discount percentage / discount amount off with minimum total order purchase, bundle group discount or even cash reward credits.

Inventory Management

Let your SHOPLINE retail POS keep track of your entire inventory with real time updates and out of stock alerts.

Inventory Management
  • Products upload Add-on Modules

    Each store can upload up to 1,000 product items via bulk upload, including product details such as photos, specifications, inventory amount, classification, supplier, cost, stock number and other information. Add-on Modules for unlimited products

  • Stock-take

    Whether you're counting conducting partial and full inventory counts, SHOPLINE has tools to help you track, record, and reconcile inventory quickly and accurately.

  • Stocking

    Issue a purchase order to confirm the products before stocking, and verify the products upon arrival according to the purchase order. Identify the processes of arrival and storage separately in order to avoid mixing multiple batches of products.

  • Inventory tracking and monitoring

    Manage complete records of the inventory in real time, including product items with various specifications and SKU, be the first to know if there is a need for transfer or restock.

  • Supplier Information

    The POS system allows you to create and bookmark multiple sets of supplier information, including name, contact number, address, and remarks.

  • Hidden Product

    The feature allows you to hide a specific product from storefront. For example, new product that's yet to be launched, out of stock items etc.

Membership Management

Build your customer database, grow repeat business and establish a lasting brand loyalty

Membership Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Set up loyalty program with customizable membership tierings and tags, with information recorded such as customer spending, membership tiering, members store credit, customer information and membership tier. Turn one-time customers into loyal fans with special deals that only unlock with repeat purchases.

  • Centrally manage your customer database

    Manage one centralized customer database for all your channels, including your ecommerce store, social media followers. Your customer database and their purchase history will always be in sync across channels.

  • Customer Tags and Remarks

    Add tags and remarks on customer profiles to have a better understanding of customer preferences and details to note. Profile details can be filtered and managed easily.

  • Add a new member

    A new member profile can be set up in less than a minute! Manage customer profile such as birthday, contact number and order history. Specific discounts can be set based on spending, reward your top customers with credits and see the total balance of loyalty earned across all your customers.

  • Broadcast Center Add-on Modules

    Through the Broadcast Center, merchants can send automated messages to members via email, and SMS. Also, the Broadcast Center allows you to send personalized promotional messages for different membership tier for better customer relationship management. Add-on Modules: Automation & Retargeting

  • Membership Tier and Exclusive Price Add-on Modules

    Create your own loyalty program and reward your followers and customers! SHOPLINE provides a flexible 5 tiers - membership system, where you can design members tier requirements and set exclusive VIP offers. Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase, or even their birthday and can redeem it in the future. Add-on Modules: CRM-Membership

Product Barcodes

Barcodes can be generated automatically, with product information including stock level, price and SKU included.

  • Auto Barcodes Generator

    Barcodes are generated automatically upon the creation of a new product item. With just a beep on the barcode, it will show you the inventory tracking, product discount, the product status, price and specification.

  • Product tags

    Barcode stickers can be both big and small sizes of labels, catered for the variety of product tags size options.

  • Barcode Printing

    With the Wireless barcode printer, you can create product labels and tags, such as product name, sizes, colors , price or other product attributes.

Multiple Stores

Oversee your stores on a centralized platform, from inventory level, sales and revenue to staff management.

  • Stores Management

    The all-in-one SHOPLINE POS system gives you a centralized platform to oversee multiple stores at the same time, track sales across store and other stats in real time. Run end-of-day reports for an instant snapshots of your daily performances across stores.

  • Product Transfer

    Able to track and record the complete transfer process, from ordering, product received, to stocked and confirmed, this give you accurate inventory level to easily and confidently transfer products from one location to the next to avoid out-of-stocks and excess inventory.

  • Multiple warehouses and channels

    Multi-channel / warehouses inventory management made easy with our centralized POS system. Inventory are automatically synced when product is sold and shipped from a warehouse. Automatically adjusted the inventory level with no extra effort.

Reports and Insights

Over 10 types of operational reports with data visualized in clear charts and graphs

Reports and Insights
  • Daily business dashboard

    From our backend, merchants can have access to business dashboard and review business performance metrics, such as daily revenue, orders, best sellers , sales performance etc.

  • Customer information

Know who are top customers are - how much they spend, where did they buy and what they're buying. Create special promotion / discount/ store events for different segments to build brand loyalty and encourage re-purchase.

  • Reporting and metrics

    Get actionable insight from our business and operations reports, over 10 types of reports ready for a comprehensive overview of the store, including inventory report, transaction report, products, memberships reports and more, help you identify trends or problem areas that need attention.

Operations Management

SHOPLINE POS contains all the functions you need to oversee your staff and business, from staff clock-in function to account management and access levels

  • Staff Management

    Staff attendance can be taken easily with staff login to the platform with the accounts details, our platform will report the details and help calculate total working hours for payroll. Staffs contact details are also saved in the platform in case of emergency.

  • Admin Access

    You can grant different levels of admin access according to the team operational needs. All of the changes made by different accounts on the platform will be recorded for easy trace back and added security.

  • Performance Report

    You can generate sales performance report for each employee, including details such as number of transactions and revenue per transactions to easily identify the top players.

  • Multiple Admin accounts Add-on Modules

    Each store is entitled to one Manager level access account and five store admin access accounts. Store admin access role can be adjusted with specific sets of permissions / data that they can have access to. Add-on Modules for unlimited Admin Accounts

Omni-Channel Integrated Solutions

Manage your online and offline store operations from one place while expanding your brand into new markets.

Omni-Channel Integrated Solutions
  • Omni-channel cloud-based Platform

    Manage your in-store and online product information on SHOPLINE. All of your product inventory, stocks, prices, order status, shipping status, customer information and more will be automatically synced with your SHOPLINE ecommerce platform.


    Be able to check your business performance from one place and compare your business to the same period in the year before. Shoplytics provides data visualization reports on sales trend, web traffic, inventory, marketing campaign performance, and CRM metrics, and gives you a holistic overview to make business decision based on data.

  • Smart OMO

    It is the ultimate solution to integrate online shopping and offline service and breaks the limit between devices, provides customers with a more integrated shopping experience, and allows merchants to capture clear information of customers, all of which benefit from the arrangement of push notifications, promotions, and campaigns. Smart OMO helps you to obtain customer information, making subsequent face-to-face customer services and online shopping guides more effective. Smart OMO as Support Module