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Featured Merchants



ROCOCO specialises on fashion products. The brand believes “Quality over Quantity”. Strives for perfection in designs, fabric selection and services. In the meantime, our price policy aims to satisfy more and more customers’ desire to fashion and beauty.

Featured Merchants



SIDEFAME LTD was established in 1987 as the retail subsidiary of FENIX GROUP HOLDINGS LTD. Headquartered in Hong Kong, SIDEFAME operates offices and retail stores in Hong Kong, China, Macau and Singapore. The Company markets a range of fashion and lifestyle brands, around the region, through joint venture and franchise agreements.

Featured Merchants

Shopping taitai


Rachel, the self-proclaimed “Shopping Monster,”, has set up Shoppnig TaiTai which sources products around the globe for the working mothers, so they can shop easily no matter they are working hard in office or busy taking care of the kids at home.

Featured Merchants



Founded by LA Jackson in 1915, Durex has over 80 years of experience manufacturing condoms and for over 80 years Durex has been bringing couples together. So, it’s safe to say that Durex knows their way inside and outside of the bedroom. Every single condom is the product of a process that’s tried and tested.

Featured Merchants



Throughout the years, SHESC has accumulated remarkable service experience and expertise in servicing all kinds of consumer appliances, audio-visual products, office automation, computer, communication equipment and professional products under various renowned brand names.

Featured Merchants



Founded in the early 1970’s, On Kee started from a tiny neighborhood dry seafood store located in Sheung Wan. Today, with the hard work and perseverance of the founder, Mr. Poon Hung On and the 2nd generation, Mr. Richard Poon Kuen Fai, also the support, trust and encouragement from customers, On Kee becomes a renowned dry seafood retailer and wholesaler in Hong Kong. Always adheres strictly to the philosophy: genuine goods at fair price, customer satisfaction and quality assurance, On Kee strives for improvements in the quality of products and services as well as to offer a perfect shopping experience to the customers.

Featured Merchants



Select is a lifestyle department store that sell products meeting the needs of all customers. It sources high quality goods from around the globe, and sells them online at very favorable prices. All products are ordered through overseas suppliers or purchased by their overseas teams.

Featured Merchants

S.A Group


S.A Group offers a full range of Apple products and extensive range of third-party accessories and software in Hong Kong. Otherwise, providing an Apple expertise who can give you a professional advice to satisfy your needs. The newly created O2O shopping platform, connecting the online and offline services. 24-hours, customers can purchase at anytime in everywhere. Bring the trends to your home.

Featured Merchants

Max Choice


Max Choice Corporation Limited sources products worldwide with the aspiration to share new quality products with supporters and endeavour to be the best in our profession. In addition to traditional retail, our E-commerce development has opened up opportunity for B2B commerce, such as staff gift packs, and corporate gifting. We aim to create business excellence through business innovation as we know that only by doing even the smallest thing right could we be the best choice for people.

Fashion and Accessories

Bernardo Thad


Founded by famous Hong Kong singer Jason Chan, his wife Leanne Fu and the friends, Bernardo Thad is a watch and accessory brand with series of self-designed watches, and the Galaxia series is the most popular one. The brand also collaborates with other parties to design new watches and bracelets products.

Fashion and Accessories



Established in 2004, Ans is dedicated to offer fashionable and diversified products. With the successful experience of “one-stop shop of bags and accessories” business model in Japan under its belt, Ans is loved by young girls and office ladies.

Fashion and Accessories



It’s hard to believe that Superga is well over 100 years old. Under the care and attention of Walter Martiny in 1911, the Superga factory began to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. It was here, in Turin, Italy, the Classic Superga 2750 heritage style was born.

Fashion and Accessories

Serco Store


Founded by Serco and Kappa, Serco Store searches high quality items from Japan, Korea, the US and other countries. Serco also acts as the model and photographer of the store to take product shots and model pictures, to showcase different style and combination of fashion items to customers.

Fashion and Accessories

Fancy Rosy


Being a Hong Kong based brand founded in 2010, Fancy Rosy always offers a remarkable design. The unique styles and design soon allow you to stand out in casual & elegant outfits. The concept of the brand is just simple: we make what you want.

Fashion and Accessories

The Watchdrobe


The Watchdrobe is the watch boutique in Hong Kong, focusing on independent brands. Our showroom gathers all the best independent timepieces with a fair price. We hope to inspire our the customer with a fresh perspective towards our carefully selected horologies.

Fashion and Accessories



Banananaxx, a local garment brand established by a girl and her mother. All costumes we designed are womenswear and “ Made With Heart ” is the concept of our brand. We take part in every design stage with our sincere hearts and put lots efforts on developing different detailed devises. We do hope that the detailed idea would be helpful to everyone wearing our clothes.

Fashion and Accessories



Knowing that many girls were suffering from the discomfort of wearing underwire bra, MIRO originated the new “24-hour breast maintenance”concept with our signature product - “functional wireless bra”, which helps all the girls take good care of their breast shape without any bounds.

Fashion and Accessories



In memorial of the time grandma passed away, 815am is a creative brand focuses on canvas bag and other styled accessories. The brand owner follows the simplistic and monotone color design, with an obsession of high quality products and attention to details. This brand is to be shared with those who also love the simple way of living and high quality of products.

Fashion and Accessories

Lovebird Diamond


Lovebird Diamond is a local Jewelry brand with it’s own desgins of wedding jewelry. The brand specialises on GIA diamond rings and wedding rings, it also works with different Japanese brands to bring more than 100 styles of rings. The brand also helped more than 5,000 couples to complete their love stories.

Fashion and Accessories



HUSKY Sneaker and Outfits (“HUSKY Sneaker”) was founded in 2013. Their professional team across the globe help customers to look for the latest and most trendy fashion items. Some of the brands includes Yeezy, Supreme, Y-3, etc.

Fashion and Accessories

Stanford Swim Shop


Established in 1998, Stanford Swim School (“Stanford”) is the largest in Hong Kong, and the very first to be awarded with international professional recognition. Currently, operating 21 in-door heated pools in Hong Kong, Stanford also set up its branch schools in Sydney and Brisbane in Australia.

Fashion and Accessories



Established in 2005, A.F.S as been selling high quality clothing, allowing customers to buy the best quality clothing at the best price. The brand always look for special fashion style that let young women to show their personality and self-confidence.

Fashion and Accessories



FUMBLE was proudly established in 2012 by founder Carlsen Pang. Since then, the company has built its reputation on selling a unique selection of lifestyle goods as well as launching its own line of products from 2012.


RNG Wine


RNG Wine Limited is an online-based wine company from Hong Kong. Since founded in 2016, the brand has been delivering consistently immaculate wine shopping experience for clients.




The Gui Tea own and control 140,000 mu exclusive tea gardens in Guizhou province, including 54,000 ancient tea plants. We strive to provide stable supply to client premium tea from our processing plant, assuring you 100% quality guarantee.


Lemon King


Lemon King has a good understanding of what makes good traditional food great, and is committed to picking the best products for customers.




Hiwalk is a hand-made eggroll brand from Taiwan. Its eggrolls consist of many different flavors such as the classic eggroll with meat floss and the Tieguanyin tea flavor eggroll. Celebrities like Alan Tam is also one of the fans of the eggroll.


Tsui Heung 1949


A humble start on the famous Fa Yuen Street, Tsui Heung 1949 has been serving HK and Macau with it’s first original crispy peanuts since 1949. The handmade peanuts are freshly produced in a local factory to this day to preserve the traditional flavour. Recently, Tsui Heung refined the snack with innovative flavours like fresh shrimp roe and salty egg yolk ! With more than 20 types of snacks around the world, it’s easy to choose quality nibbles to enjoy at home, the office or with beer and movies!




With over 20 years experience in creating and cooking healthy soups, Soup4Health has 100+ healthy soups for you to choose from, all soup packs are made-to-order with top-quality ingredients handpicked by our founders daily.




WRIGHT LIFE is known as natural health food experts, all natural health food is manufactured and directly shipped from Japan, U.S.A and H.K., produced under stringent quality control with worldwide patent certification and award winning.


Leung Cha Fong


Originally a herbal tea stall in Sham Shui Po, Leung Cha Fong dedicated to designing their own herbal tea formulas, bringing a healthy lifestyle to their customers in a more simple way. Other than that, Leung Cha Fong also holds cooking classes, yoga workshops and Chinese medical classes for metrpolitans to know better about their own bodies and how to live a healthier lifestyle.




TWith the signature NAKAZAWA 47 directly imported from Hokkaido Japan, THE BAKERISM is famous for making Cream Cakes in different flavours. The brand also hand-picked premium food source including top quality fruits to produce cakes with “3 layers of cakes, 2 layers of fruits and cream mix and 1 layer of all fruits”, ensuring the rich tastes of the cake you will never forget.


Wing Lok Noodle Factory


Wing Lok Noodle Factory started as a small homegrown operation in Wong Tai Sin in 1976. Now it is a modern factory and a main distributor within the noodle industry in Kowloon Bay. Our company principle is providing the best quality noodle at an affordable price. We specialize in producing chinese noodles, such as shrimp roe noodles, fish noodles and abalone noodles.

Beauty and Household

Miya’s Works


Miya’s Works is a Hong Kong based natural skincare company found in 2013. Our products aim at improving different skincare problems such as acnes, enzema and rosacea which are invented by our professional natural soap maker.

Beauty and Household



STAY TUEND provides the best-selling skincare, makeup and accessories from worldwide. We hope that customers can keep up with the latest fashion trends and express their beauties also enjoy online shopping on Stay Tuned. All products are purchased from reputable brand agents and oversea specialty store to ensure genuine products.

Beauty and Household



With the concept of “precision making of the brush” Lam Sam Yick, a Taiwanese writing brush maker for more than a century, has successfully opened up a new market for handmade brushes with the brand“ LSY professional cosmetics brushes

Beauty and Household

Inna organic


INNA Organic empowers women to achieve a deeper sense of well-being through quality organic products that are safe and results-oriented. We believe in fostering authenticity, self-care, and the knowledge of natural ingredients that keep the body and soul in shape.

Beauty and Household



Dashing Diva Hong Kong is the official website of the booming Korean Dashing Diving nail products. We have the most popular and comprehensive collections of high-quality professional manicure and pedicure nail products.

Beauty and Household

neo natural


Neo Natural is an organic skin care products company founded in Japan in 1965, with its current headquarter located in Nagoya. Its chemical-free products provide the best protection to your natural skin. It is one of the most favourite brands of Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki.

Beauty and Household



CS12 is a Malaysian skincare brand that features advanced skincare technology from Germany to produce clinical products made from premium natural ingredients formulated to treat sensitive skin. CS12 Professional Skin Care has been dermatologically proven in achieving significant results and positive feedbacks from our CS12’s enthusiasts owning a pure and fair skin.

Beauty and Household

ninety second


ninety second is a brand that tells stories with scents. The modern world is dominated by vision and sound, and smell only takes a little portion in all kinds of creation. We believe that scents are just like words - we could convey abstract concepts and ideas by perfumery notes.

Beauty and Household



DEAD SEA MOR is the first dead sea skincare company in Hong Kong, which specializes in high quality dead sea skincare products in Israel and Jordan. It aims to promote the dead sea skincare culture and help people affected by skin problems to relieve symptoms.

Beauty and Household

CB 日本生活百貨


CB is a quality and customer oriented online shop. Different to others, most the products are imported from dealers direcyly. The sources and the quality of the products are clear and guaranteed.

Beauty and Household

This Way


THISWAY founded by a post-90s SHAREHOLIC girl alone. We are specialized in purchasing global luxury skincare and cosmetics products.We ensure to always feature the latest trends and useful products with prices that won’t break the bank.All goods are directly delivered to Hong Kong by local manual procurement, never using wholesale sources. Wish you beauty THISWAY!

Gift and Premium

Aiko Mall


Aiko Mall’s founder, JWB loves to share beautiful and practical products. She keeps searching and testing products herself, and recommends only the best ones to the world by using Aiko Mall.

Gift and Premium

Hello Bear


Hello Bear is a lifestyle department store that sells products imported from Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States etc. Hellobear’s products cover a wide range of categories including skin care cosmetics, handbags, wallets, sports apparel, household cleaning, specialty liquor, specialty snacks, practical stationery, etc.

Gift and Premium



Inspired by Les Baux-de-Provence in the south of France, MAISON XXII dedicates to channel the finest of European living into a fascinating journey of sensory inspiration by providing quality flower arrangements, chocolate and confectionery, lifestyle products and diversified workshop experiences through 5 senses - Scent, Taste, Sight, Hearing and Heart.

Gift and Premium



Established in the end of 2016, GO POP STATION is now one of the most popular Online Store focusing on Contact Lens in Hong Kong. The brand offers a wide variety of products, and proud to be a hybrid of trendy shop, hand-made brand and creative shop. GO POP STATION sources contact lenses from big brands around the globe and offer them at a close-to-cost price, being one of the best choices of buying contact lenses in Hong Kong.

Gift and Premium

Anglo Chinese Florist


Anglo Chinese Florist was established in 1946, and we are now a renowned flower boutique at Lyndhurst Terrance in Central on Flower Street (擺花街) literally. Our philosophy is dedication, to create unique bespoke flower arrangements.

Gift and Premium

Lego Pet


Lego Pet is committed to providing customers with a more diversified product selection. We actively introduce high-quality pet products from all over the world. Our partners are all over the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, USA, Australia, Japan, etc., in order to provide customers with the latest and most complete selection of pet products.

Gift and Premium



Now you can enjoy the fun of buying flowers anytime, anywhere! FA’LOVERS provides you an online platform for fresh floral products and plants. Our service includes flower product degisn, on-spot delivery, return and refund, cash-on-delivery, online and mobile payment. FA’LOVERS FLORIST tried its best to provide top quality service and to deliver fresh flowers to customers’ hand.

Gift and Premium



FUNCOLOR specializes in the sale of paper tapes, providing a wide range of original and licensed paper tapes. In addition to pure retail sales, the brand also organizes Masking Tape Only (MTO) gatherings to provide a platform for paper tape lovers to meet and communicate with each other.

Gift and Premium



FUNCOLOR specializes in the sale of paper tapes, providing a wide range of original and licensed paper tapes. In addition to pure retail sales, the brand also organizes Masking Tape Only (MTO) gatherings to provide a platform for paper tape lovers to meet and communicate with each other.

Gift and Premium



HYDRO FLASK officially launched in Hong Kong and Macau in 2019, our products initiative all the reduction of waste and pollution, and make everyone even the world’s life more enjoyable and better! Starting with Let’s Go!

Gift and Premium

Dear Gift


Dear Gift devotes themselves to solve your gift issues and source customised gifts from all around the world, together with the essentials with the gifts including cards, flowers, winery products, chocolate and party goods to complete your gift solution.

Gift and Premium

JaBo Baby


JaBo Baby searches high quality and stylish baby products from around the world, including Japan, Korea, the US and Europe. If you see baby products you are interested in, either from other websites, from overseas or magazines, feel free to tell JaBo Baby, they always have a way to source it for you!

Gift and Premium



Children’s Ultimate Source for Thematic Experiential Learning. With the vision to inspire children to explore the world, ignite their passion and discover their dreams at a younger age, Yum Me Play provides a comprehensive solution to thematic experiential learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. Working with subject matter experts and child psychologists, Yum Me Play curates and designs products and experiences to fully immerse children into our specially selected themes.

Gift and Premium



MOANA is a “micro-world” with an environment that supports the shrimps in the ball to survive without feeding or care, bringing fun to the busy Hong Kong people.

Gift and Premium

Ozzie Bestbuy


Ozzie Bestbuy provides high quality goods around the globe, including the products for baby & child care, health maintenance and cosmetics. As the business owner is an Australia-based merchant, Ozzie Bestbuy also help to source the desired products from Australia to Hong Kong.

Leisure and Hobby



An electrical appliance brand belonging to Hong Kong people Since its inception in 1976, Rasonic has been committed to bringing a more convenient and comfortable living experience to every family in Hong Kong!

Leisure and Hobby



Encore always been looking for quality and entertained products for customers, and has been introducing a variety of new brands to satisfy the pursuit of quality lifestyle.

Leisure and Hobby



BASIC CONCEPT collects the newest electrical appliances. Our professional team provides Dyson‘s Care Services, Car Dash Cam and Smart Door Lock Installation Services etc.

Leisure and Hobby

BNA Mall


BNA Mall strive to provide excellent and professional services and bring newly released products to customers from time to time by selling different kinds of product such as latest digital and electronic gadgets, smart home gadgets and personal products with the concept of “Shop with Style”.

Leisure and Hobby



Founded in 1994, Citibest is an agent for IT products from Adonit, HyperX and Kingston Hong Kong. Allow customers to purchase genuine licensed goods or accessories more flexible through on-line store, it can add vaule on our service quality and responsibility.

Leisure and Hobby

Design Chicken


Design Chicken, ideas from design. Provide the world’s most creative product information. Introduce the concepts, ideas and choose the most creative and design products for the clients.

Leisure and Hobby



HORNINGTON COMPUTERS COMPANY, established in 1987, has introduced high-quality technology products such as ASUS and MSI peripherals, Gaming Laptops, and Synology network storage products for the past 29 years.

Leisure and Hobby



Since 1993, World-Tech has been cooperating with numbers of world-class audio and entertainment brands included AKG, JBL, harman/kardon, Samsung, Sennheiser and Sony, etc and become their earphones, audio and mobile accessories distributor in Hong Kong and Macau.

Leisure and Hobby



Provide one-stop smart home professional services. We provide professional consulting service, interior design, smart home solutions and online store. Smart home design cases are available for reference.

Leisure and Hobby



As a worldwide iconic brand within gaming and e-sports industries, MSI is the most trustable brand. MSI has devoted to providing cutting-edge equipment and technology, but also carefully listening to the needs of the users. With the strength of in-house design and R&D resource, MSI provides non-stop innovation to accentuate the value of individuals.
Since 2007, MSI has been enlisted as the champion of gaming laptops for many generations and has constantly dominated the highest market share in the laptop field. In addition, MSI has also been awarded as the best gaming laptop brand by “Laptop Magazine” in 2018, which indisputably supports the MSI brand recognition as “No 1. in Gaming”. MSI laptop is not only the leader in gaming but the avant-garde of creator laptops. The performance of diversified products has once again been favored. MSI has even ranked fourth in the 2020 global best laptop brand competition, becoming a true all-round laptop brand!

Leisure and Hobby

Thinking Group


Thinking Group is a well-known distributor company since 1998. Headquarter in Hong Kong and branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Taipei. Thinking Group’s sales network covers Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taipei and South East Asia. Our missions adhere to constantly develop sales network in order to penetrate the premium consumer electronics product to every corner of Asia by providing excellent service and support to our retailers as well as consumers. Thinking Group is an official distributor of world-famous brands, including AfterShokz, Airocide, Apeman, Canal Works, Comply, Dekoni, EarSonics, ETYMOTIC RESEARCH, FAudio, Flyco, Harman Kardon, HiBy, ible, iHome, iFLYTEK, JBL, Lotoo, Mobvoi, ODOYO, Sogou, SpinFit, Ultimate Ears (Custom-Made), Westone.