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When a business goes global, how can a brand strengthen its local position while gaining a competitive edge for overseas expansion? How can a brand reach a wider audience in foreign markets and start selling internationally? Cross-border has always been a trend. Yet, not many cases remain successful.

Four Leading Failure Factors of Cross-border

Unable to provide local currency
Payment Options
Difficult to attain consumers’ trust
Complicated Pricey
Effectiveness logistic concerns
Marketing Information
Pricing, local resources, etc

SHOPLINE’s Cross-border

Robust Features to Boost Your Overseas Sales

We’ve simplified the cross-border process so brands can save 80% of the cost on labor and communication. While we take care of providing an integrated payment and logistics plan, brands can spend more time and effort in developing great products, build a brand presence locally and start selling everywhere.

International Team

Members of our cross-border team are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, and Malaysia. Our team provides supports in more than 10 languages along with extensive hands-on experience in the e-Commerce industry. We’re here to help you achieve your cross-border retailing goal.

One-stop Solution

We aim to provide support on all your business aspects, including language translation, currency, warehouse, and the integration of local payment gateways and logistics. So you can be on the fast-track and start growing your business.

Professional Consultancy

With backgrounds from different industries, our consultancy team provides you with services ranging from market research, marketing strategy consulting, operation agency, resource sharing, to translation, and more. To help businesses localize more efficiently.

Abundant Third-party Resources

We have partnered with various local companies in South-Easy Asia to provide competitive payment gateways and logistics options. So our merchants can receive great services with economical prices.

Supporting Regions

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • USA
  • More Regions...
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The Latest Trends

Malaysia – Your Cross-border Starting Point

The Latest Trends

Malaysia – Your Cross-border Starting Point

Located in the center of the six ASEAN countries, Malaysia is named the future logistics hub in south-east Asia. With the Chinese making up over one-fifth of the local population; the majority of the population being young adults, Malaysia enjoys certain advantages. For example, it has over 20M internet users, and 130% of its population carries mobile devices. With shoppers already online, it is estimated that in 2025, the e-commerce profit could reach 32 billion MYR, equivalent to 7.22 billion USD.

4 Localization Advantages

  • Logistic Localization
    • Most Affordable in the Market
    • Free Pickup and Delivery
    • Local Courier Service
    • Supports Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • Deliver within 3 Days

  • Payment Localization
    • Exclusive Integration to Razer Merchant Services
    • Works with Mainstream Local Banks
    • Payment Methods Include Wire transfer, Credit cards
    • Price Quoted in Malaysian Currency
    • Low Commission Fee, Starting As Low As 3%
  • Website Localization
    • Complying with Local Consumption Procedures
    • Made to Match with the Local Shopping Process
    • Support for Mobile Phones, Tablets and PCs
    • RWD that Works on All Devices
    • Supports Simplified Chinese and English
    • Supports for Over 16 Currencies
    • Localized Pricing and Promotional Events
  • Localized Team Support
    • An Actual Team Located in Kuala Lumpur
    • Localized Warehouse Management Service
    • Customs Declaration Service and Tax Refund Consultancy
    • Administrative Process Agency
“With SHOPLINE, we’re able to get support on local currency options, cross-border payments, and logistic connections. It helps us to solve many difficulties when arriving in Malaysia. We get to save a lot of time on communication and figuring out the procedures of starting a business overseas.”

SHU, CEO of LifeWareHouse