Integrate your online and offline store easily and drive the trend of Omni-Channel Retailing

Consolidate customer data from both online & offline channels with O2O integration service. Also, with
features like Chatbot, Broadcast Center, and Shoplytics, you’re able to collect member data, promote
your brand, and retarget your customers in one sitting.

Member Integration

Kiosk O2O - Member Integration Tool

With SHOPLINE Kiosk, integrate member data from your online store and physical store effortlessly. Your customers can sign-up/login for membership within 3 seconds. Manage and collect customer data easily to send out tailor-made promotional messages; monitor store and sales performance to make better business decisions for all your store branches, online store, and pop-up store.

Broadcast Center

Broadcast Center

Through Broadcast Center, merchants can send automated messages to members via Facebook Messenger, email, and SMS. Also, the Broadcast Center allows you to sort customers by membership tier and send out customized promotional messages accordingly to attract sales and web traffic.


Leverage Facebook Messenger Chatbot to Increase Customer Loyalty

Remind your customers to pick up packages with Facebook Messenger Chatbot! Customers can subscribe to the brand’s Facebook Messenger chatbot to receive brand updates and order status to enhance customer relationship. Moreover, with the support of Broadcast Center, segment your customers to send out tailor-made messages and convert new customers into loyal customers.

Drive your brand with data visualization tools

Grasp customer and sales insights from your data! Shoplytics provide data visualization reports on sales trend, web traffic, inventory, marketing results, and CRM, to give merchants a holistic overview for merchants to increase their operational efficiency and sales.

Capture all opportunities with Omni-Channel

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