Effective product and order management

Best-in-class tools and flow to help you manage your store

Product Management

Product management has never been this easy

Product display is core to any store, making product and inventory management an important part of a successful business. SHOPLINE allows you full control over all product details, from photos and variations to categories and SEO descriptions. For brands with large number of products, you can bulk import many products at once, bulk edit categories and change product sorting.

Smart categories and product sorting

Clear and organized product categories are core to effective product management, and allows customers to find your products easily. You can freely adjust one or multiple products into different categories, and create main and second level categories with just one click.

Inventory control and Management

Grasp your inventory situation anywhere, anytime

Be in total control of your inventory and SKUs so you can place your purchase orders on time or create timely promotions for slow moving SKUs. SHOPLINE has this on mind when designing our inventory and order management tools, allowing you to see your inventory snapshot by single SKU items and edit directly. Additional inventory tools we offer to reduce a large amount of operational and time cost, effectively raising profits.

More inventory management tools:

Import products from Instagram

One-click import Instagram photos to convert immediately into products

Pre-order products

Tag your products with a pre-order status

Almost out of stock reminder for your customers

Notify your customers your products are almost sold out to drive sales

Order Management

Intuitive order management interface

Your order management interface is based on intuitive and distinctive colors to let you see your order status clearly in one go, whether you are on desktop or mobile. The order search function is also very complete letting you filter orders by order date, number, customer id, product name and many more options.

Multi communication touchpoints with customers

Customers love an easy way to find you, and good communication is a key factor of success for long term customer retention. SHOPLINE offers a communication tool directly within each order and at your storefront, providing different ways for your new and old customers to reach you.

More order management features:

Custom order fields

Set up additional checkout order fields based on your own needs

Custom order note

Add in extra notes or commentary during checkout to create a more frictionless checkout experience

Order change history

All order change history is fully logged into your admin panel, allowing you to check any changes easily

Order invoices and stock picking list

Attach a professional looking invoice to your shipment; Bulk print stock picking lists to save your time to pick-and-pack