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Marketing and advertising

Promotional engine and tools

A growing store requires a full suite of promotional tools to boost sales during special sales and seasons. A smart promotion strategy is important to raise your store’s profile. Our promotional engine is flexible and customized, so you can create separate or concurrent campaigns targeting different products and customer segments.

SHOPLINE provides these promotion types:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building a strong membership system to your loyal customers is a key CRM strategy for a brand. SHOPLINE provides a dynamic membership tiering system, so your customers become members quickly either via E-mail or Facebook login. According to different levels of loyalty, you can set up specific discounts based on their level of spending, such as store credits, birthday gifts, to attract them to return to your store and buy more.

Cross channel distribution

Driving new traffic and visitors requires a cross channel distribution strategy and leveraging social media power. SHOPLINE allows you to create a Facebook store easily, so your customers can shop without leaving their browser. We also work with different partners to help you drive traffic such as affiliates.com.

Facebook Shop
Get control of traffic, bring together your fans

SHOPLINE’s Facebook Ads Extensions integrates Facebook Pixel, and lets you upload product catalog to your fan page, building up your own Facebook Shop, so you can easily reach out to your target audience and get control of traffic! Aside from that, you can also plug in Facebook Comments to your Shop page so that your fans can leave positive comments directly on the product pages, enabling you to bring your fans together and build up reputation!

Facebook Messenger Notification
Enhancing pickup rate and improve customer relationships

Are your customers so busy to check messages or inbox, and forget to pick up the products? Facebook Messenger Notification seamlessly integrates Facebook Messenger with the back end of your online shop! Once customers have finished placing order, they will get message notifications from your page about order status, from successfully ordered to order shipped, no message will be missed again! It will effectively increase successful pick up rate and improve customer relationship! Shipment notifications and customer replies will be linked up to the inbox of your FanPage. Therefore, they will never miss an order again!

SHOPLINE’s integration with Facebook:

Google Badge

Greater China area exclusive
Google Shopping Ads

Being a Google Partner, SHOPLINE exclusively offers “Google Shopping Ads”, including 3 new forms of Google Ads - Google Shopping Ads, Dynamic Remarketing Ads and Dynamic Search Ads. We provide real time integration with your shop’s backend, Google Merchant Centre and Google AdWords, optimising performance of your ads with AI and machine learning technology, bringing you the exact traffic you want!

Dynamic Search Ads ( DSA )
Google Shopping Ads ( GSA )
Dynamic Remarketing Ads ( DRA )

Ecosystem support to help you succeed

SHOPLINE offers a complete solution that is full-featured and easy to get started. Apart from great features, we want to offer you direct ways to grow your brand, whether you are a traditional business getting online or a first time entrepreneur. From operation management to marketing tactics, we offer a wide range of support to help you become a commerce expert!

Customer Success team

You can reach this professional team right from your admin panel real-time, helping you solve different problems you may encounter during your journey. It is like having an extra teammate with you 365 days of the year.

Our Blog (Chinese only)

E-commerce changes every day. To keep up to date, we write numerous articles targeted for e-commerce businesses, from operations to marketing, so you can learn at your own pace and in your own time. It is an encyclopedia that will help any new business take off. Go

Online Marketing Academy

For merchants who cannot attend any classes in person, SHOPLINE also offers a series of online marketing training courses, including Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook ads, SEO, content marketing, for a total of 10 online courses. You can be anywhere to access these premium content, using valuable digital resources to build up your strength.

Setup Workshop

For our new merchants, we offer face-to-face workshop to guide you how to set up your store. We welcome senior management to store assistants to join, so they can understand how to make best use of all our features and tools. Go